Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 1 of travel 4-17-10

Better late than never...Slowly I hope to type out what I journaled during our trip to Ethiopia to bring Micah home...
4-17-10 Sat. Morning

Well we are a little behind! We were supposed to leave for Detroit then on to Amsterdam and to Ethiopia yesterday, BUT a volcano erupted in Iceland and changed everything! The ashes from the volcano caused problems in the sky and cancelled our flights along with many others and closed several airports! After a full Friday afternoon that was suppose to be spent flying, but was instead spent at my kitchen table on the phone, crying, while trying to find new tickets...we finally did - by the grace of God!
We were originally told we wouldn't get to Ethiopia before Tues morning, causing us to get to Micah 2 days later than planned and make us miss the originally scheduled embassy appointment for Monday morning. However, our travel agent tried one more last thing as we were letting that new plan sink in - and called us back with a new option that would get us there by Sunday night, flying from Indianapolis to DC then to Ethiopia with a small stop in Rome....WE WERE THRILLED!
Many other families are flying into DC also and we will meet them there for the big long flight to Ethiopia. (see picture of some of the group below)
I'm not sure how our week will go now, but I do know we will be holding Micah on Monday!The time is finally here- we are on our way!!
The hardest part so far was leaving Tyler last night!! We had to get up at 4 am to make it to Indianapolis on time, so Tyler stayed the night with Angela (my sister in law) as originally planned. We heard from her this morning that he had a good night and I know he will have a fun week. I just can't wait until we are all home and together!

Sat. evening 4-17-10 8:20pm
We are finally on the plane that will take us to Micah Tirfe!!! 15 hours on this plane is ahead of us, but he is worth every minute!!

- (unknown time)
We are now in Italy!!! Still on the same plane that we boarded in DC but stopped for more fuel and soon we will be on our way! 5 1/2 more hours until we are in Ethiopia!! Praising God!!

This is the tiny plane from IN to DC
Us in the IN airport with our luggage...

Me clinging to my scripture book, homemade by none other than Contagious Cristie! (www.contagiouscrisite.blogspot.com) It kept me calm on that scary, tiny plane!

At the DC airport now, admiring the plane that will take us to our boy!!

Only 2 couples from our entire travel group aren't in this picture and only 1 couple wasn't at the airport! It was a blast to meet everybody before we were worn out from that looooong plane ride!!

This was a site for sore eyes when we sat down on the very plane that I wasn't sure we'd ever get on!!

(more of our trip coming soon!)

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