Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My little Trooper!

Micah had surgery on Monday morning...not just any surgery, surgery on his "little boy parts" and they had to make incisions in his abdomen AND scrotum! (OUCH!!) But he is running (kinda) around and keeping up with Tyler now just 2 days after as if nothing really happened.
It was really hard that first night and it actually felt like we had taken 2 steps back as far as bonding because he would look at us with this blank stare...but I'm now thinking/hoping it was just the medicine because once we got home he totally turned back into the little boy he had blossomed into! Thanks be to God for everything going smooth!!!
Enjoy the pics of his new haircut!

1 comment:

  1. poor dude! glad he's alright now!!! cute hair cut! he looks so grown up! (i know... that's NOT what you want to hear!)