Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello from Ethiopia!!!

Introducing Micah Tirfe Walter!! This was taken the day we got to pick him up!! I can't believe how well he has done with us, the first 10-15 minutes he wasn't so sure, but soon after he was smiling, laughing, and now at the end of the week he runs to us and giggles and seems to really understand that we are his parents!!
Sorry this post is so late, but the Internet just got to working really good here.
Our flight is at 4am Sunday morning (east Africa time) - with the 7 hour time change we will arrive at our last airport in Indianapolis around 10:30pm then a 3 hour drive home. Please pray our way home is safe and Micah does is 4 planes all together and around 19 hours of travel time not counting the drive home for a boy who has never been in a car seat!
God has been so good to us and I am so thankful for all of you who have prayed and followed this journey, though our time in Africa is coming to an end, our journey is JUST BEGINNING!!


  1. oh he's ADORABLE!!!! i'm so excited to finally SEE him!!!! praying for your travel home!

  2. yay!!! congratulations!!!!!!! praying for all of your traveling!

  3. WOW- HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is just perfect! We will be praying for the transition home for all of you :)