Friday, April 16, 2010

volcanos, virus, vrooom!

Oh My! What a day/night this has been and is going to be!

First we get word last night that a volcano that erupted in Iceland is causing major ash issues and so planes can't fly or it messes up the engines! So alot of flights are cancelled! We checked on ours and right now we are still not cancelled, but other families have been and so we just don't know how the week will play out. We are supposed to be there Sat night and holding our son by Sun afternoon, but with delays, there is just no way of knowing what will happen! Right now we will just start our journey as planned! I feel like this is Satan's way of trying to steal our joy and allow anxiety to creep in but I refuse to let it happen!!

On top of that, Matt has been up vomiting all night!! Since 1 am to 6 30 this morning! He is asleep now and I'm just praying he feels much better when he wakes up! I don't do flights very well so I need him to be recovered so he can help me! :)

Our first flight is this afternoon around 3pm to Detroit, then to Amsterdam, then to Ethiopia
I hope be hearing the VRROOOM of the plane engine that will take us to our son very soon!!!

Thank you all for praying for us during this wild journey that is really just beginning!!


  1. praying for you guys! hope matt feels MUCH better! my matt is sick too :\ BUT we're not traveling so not NEARLY as big of a deal! praying for all the traveling families... this volcano thing is really throwing a kink in plans... God will get you there, but i'm praying it's on time :-) (i guess i'm praying it's on the scheduled time since God's always right on time!)

  2. CONTINUING PRAYERS FOR YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God please get them there safely & in good health!