Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's been a while!!

So. since I don't have any words of wisdom or much time before something spills or somebody gets hurt I thought I'd just load a couple pictures from lately...we are doing great...just trying to stay sane in this awful weather that keeps us inside entirely too much!!

Tyler is still sweet and goofy...getting a touch of the "terrible two's" a few months shy of turning 3 - just being rotten and not wanting to share too much! BUT HE STILL HAS HIS PACI (or BeBe as he says)!! (I KNOW! I KNOW!) Oh well...he was destined for braces anyway!
Some of Tyler's quotes lately
"Mommy, Cookie (the dog) told me bubbie hit him!"
"Mommy, you take off my sock and I wuv on you" ( I take off his sock and he gives me a big hug! Ha!)

Here is our new puppy that acts more like a cat! He sits in the window and nips at us alot! Hoping it is just his puppy phase....the boys love him though and the poor dog can't get any peace! He was trying to enjoy some time in the window and here they come!

They got caught cuddling! I was so happy! Now I know they love each other...but usually they are picking on each other and taking toys or whining that the other one is bothering them! But I came in the living room and caught them hanging out like this! :)

And of course....Micah and his mischief....yeah he has discovered he can fit in the dryer! I know it was wrong to take a picture, but really, how could I not?!

And sometime in between all there I started a new craft/painting project...I painted the world on an already pretty blue glass plate from the DOLLAR STORE! I love it and it's out on our kitchen table. Here is Micah displaying it for me :)
"Let us not love with words or tongue but with ACTION and in TRUTH!" 1 John 3:18

Well, that's all for now... I hope to get better about blogging again, but cant make any promises!
God is stirring stuff up around here but not sure exactly WHAT! When I know for sure...yall will too! :)


  1. Love your boys :)

    Hmmm.....what is stirring...will pray :)

  2. I am right there with you on the whole not blogging lately thing! It comes and goes in spurts. I have written more lately... which is usual for me. :) Love seeing what you and you boys are up to! Love that your home is like one on-going playdate! Love seeing them together! Super cute idea for the plate! Oooh, and so excited to hear how God is stirring!! Us, too. Looking forward to all that God has planned!

  3. Your boys are just precious! Perfect combination! And the craft/painting project ROCKS! I love it! Great job girly! :D See you soon!