Friday, January 28, 2011


This is real...what my days are really made of!!

In case you haven't learned yet, our Micah has LOTS of ENERGY! LOTS!!! And our Tyler...well not so much!

So my daily challenge is to find ways for Micah to let all that energy out without hurting himself, someone else, breaking something, or finding something that he can do lots of damage to (like my father-in-laws laptop! Sorry Noni & Grand-dad!). I fail miserably often, but there are days when things go smooth - Today however was not one of them......

THis is poor cookie monster covered in baby powder...I left the bathroom open while I went to change for work and those few minutes...well you see.

Since this was the 2nd major mess of the day and wasn't too bad too clean up, I managed a picture of the mess...Micah was unavailable for a picture as you can imagine :)


*I think satan knows God is stirring around I have a feeling hard-pressed times are just beginning


  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh at your real :) It makes me feel better about my own real!

  2. thanks for keeping it real!! this is the life, huh?! Makes me smile.

  3. Just randomly came back across your blog and was so excited to see pics of your sweet boy. My how he has changed since we first saw him at HH! What a handsome little man! Glad to catch up on your story =)