Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mark your calendars!!!!

We have a court date!! February 22nd!! Whooo!

I guess you could say we're excited :) OF COURSE WE ARE!
We really didn't wait THAT long for the news of our court date, but it just felt that way since we had to wait for lab results before we could move forward in the process.
Should all go smoothly, and nothing changes (which we all know isn't always the case) then we could be traveling for the March 22nd embassy appointment. Meaning.....
Our precious Micah would be in our arms the day before! March 21st could actually be our "gotcha day"! I still can't believe we have come to this point....the waiting just might end one day! I can see the light! :)
So we are asking for continued prayer over this process, lots of things have to go right for a court appointment to "pass" meaning Micah is LEGALLY our son...
*approval from the Ministry of Women's Affairs has to have arrived at court by our appointment
*approval from Central Authority (similar to a child protection agency who makes sure all is right with Micah's relinquishment) has to have arrived by our appointment
*Micah's birth mom has to make it there for the appointment and it is said to be about an 8 hour bus ride for her to the court
*His birth mom has to answer questions correctly and have correct ID
~Once all this takes place and we are given the news that we "PASSED" we start travel plans!

WHEW! ALOT TO PRAY ABOUT! I know those of you who read this will earnestly pray on sweet Micah's behalf and my heart is overjoyed to know that we serve the ULTIMATE JUDGE who makes all things right!!
And in case you are wondering, Cristie (you know my new BFF #1 whose son is in the same room as our in Ethiopia) has a new court date on Feb. 17th...just 4 days before ours! We aren't sure about how that will all play out in our travel plans, but I ask you pray for their family to pass their court date too! Should we get to travel together it will be amazing...should they get to go before us, she will have extra luggage full of hugs and kisses for special delivery to our Micah! :)
Our God acts only out of His never ending, unlimited LOVE FOR US!
Thank you God!


  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations!! That is wonderful news! We'll pray everything is smooth sailing and he is in your arms in March!!!


  2. Praying for both of your families! How exciting that you are so close. I just hope we have our referral before you leave so that you can give our little guy a hug for us and maybe snap a few photos for us :)

  3. so happy to see this!!! praying for you both and hoping you get to travel together!!!

  4. yay!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!! i will pray that everything is smooth!!!!!!! such an exciting time!!!!