Friday, January 22, 2010

answered prayers...

So we were waiting for Micah's last HIV test to come back...they called us about him on Jan 5th and with each passing day I grew more and more discouraged when no news would come. We couldn't move forward until we knew the results because lots of changes to our paperwork would have to be done if it had come back positive. Our case worker was wonderful and kept us informed alot. First their wasn't enough blood samples to run the test...then the lab ran out of supplies and got backed up! During those 2 weeks God taught me a hard lesson but a necessary one:

Only HE can satisfy!

No lab result, no speedy process, no hourly updates...non of that can satisfy me, there will always be worldly things that I long for...but if my satisfaction is not in HIM ALONE...then I will never truly know HIM!

So by the morning of Jan 20th....I was wiped out. I began to sob to God on my way home from work that morning..."God I know only you can satisfy me, only YOU... and I trust your hard as is it right is sooo hard...sooo hard...every day that passes with no news is one less day that he's not home with us" was a long hard pill to swallow but I was able to say "I really trust you Lord and I am satisfied with whatever and whenever the news comes" say it and REALLY believe it was wonderful though hard.

I went to bed at 9am feeling 11; 15am our case worker called...Micah results were in and his test was negative!!!!

I sprang out of bed and asked her to alert the Ethiopia staff, the press, whoever needed to know, that we were READY TO MOVE FORWARD!!!!!!
Later that same day, Cristie (the #1 family who we received our referral with) got the news that they had a court date set already! It is set for Feb 4th!!! That is so close!!! I am so excited for them and it gives us hope that we too might get a court date a few days after that! We actually found out that all the families (about 6) who received referrals around the time we did have already been given it shouldn't be long until we do too!!
It is hard not to be frustrated that our wait was extended, because we too could already be assigned a court date, but I know God has his perfect reasons and will give us the court date we need! He is bigger than any hold up or detour and "works out everything in conformity to the purpose of his will!" (Eph 1:11)

Our prayer is that we will hear of a court date soon, that it will be by Feb 8th so we can make it into the early March travel group and on the perfect day for everything that has to happen in order for us to pass the first time. (Birth mom has to be present with correct identification, documents from other gov. agencies have to be at the court by that date too).
God is in control and I am praying against any of Satan's attempts to cause us fear or anxiety....
Thank you all for praying with us too!!!
Hope to have more updates and answered prayers to share soon!!
To God be the glory!!


  1. praise the Lord! i'm so happy you guys can move forward now!!! praying for a quick court date and a pass the first time!

  2. I'm so happy for you. The end is in sight!!! Boy, I'd love to meet you and Cristie. I've found so many "kindred spirits" through the blogs of fellow adopting parents. You and she are so blessed to be near one another and to have the opportunity to raise your boys together. That's really wonderful. Well, I'm getting my paperwork done as quickly as possible, but my guess is I won't be traveling with the early March group. I pray that you receive a court date soon so you can be with your little guy as quickly as possible. God bless you!! :)