Friday, January 8, 2010

waiting to exhale....

These pictures aren't even recent but they describe how I feel the Tyler is just super cute in them!
Since receiving our referral on Tuesday, we have been in a whirlwind of phone calls with our agency, paperwork, and printing Micah's pictures so they can be all over the house!
I think about him and his precious birth mom (who gave him life and us the chance to love him and provide for him and most importantly share with him our love of Jesus) all the time!
I am picturing how much messier this house will be, how much more wet the bathroom floor will be at bath time and just how much louder it will be with a two year old plus a one year old by the time we are home! It will be crazy bliss!
We are almost ready to turn in everything to make our referral acceptance official and then we wait for news of a court date...then the court date...hopefully pass first time...wait for travel dates...then get on a plane and get our sweet Micah!! While I'm on cloud nine, we are really just holding our breath while the rest of this process unfolds....waiting to exhale :)
I can't thank God enough for allowing me and Cristie C. to go through this has definitely made this whole thing even more wonderful!
Cristie~ I hope to be on the plane heading home with you and with our boys asleep in our arms looking at each other with huge smiles on our faces....still high! ;)


  1. i bet it's such a wonderful feeling to have finally "met" your Micah!!!

  2. Yes, Yes , Yes! Love the photos and the feeling that matches them! God has been so good to us to put us together for this! The future is very bright!
    Much love,