Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our REFERRAL story...

Here is our day in pictures...below I explain it all........

Posing with Cristie after we laugh and cry over sharing this day together...

At Cristie's rushing out the door after our call came....Cristie you held that pose the whole time!

On the phone with our agency learning about our new son, are we excited or what!?

Daddy is in AWE!

Wishing I could kiss the real thing!!

WOW! So today the call ACTUALLY came!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!

I will try to start from the beginning....
So many of you know that the family who was #1 lives here in town and me and her (Cristie) started chatting and giving each other support over this looooong wait until we saw our sweet son's faces.....WELL today we had planned for me and Tyler to go to her house and actually meet for the first time - imagine my surprise when she calls me at 1:30pm to say "we got our call!!" So I still went over at 3pm and got to jump up and down screaming and rejoicing at seeing the pictures of her precious son.

I knew then I was now #1!! I hoped that our call would come in the next few days........
When a friend of Cristie's came over to see her baby too, we went back to the computer to drool over his precious face and my phone rings....
Now remember we were also expecting to get a call from our agency with our monthly update so I look at Cristie and say "it's the agency!!! BUT it's probably just our update"
Our case manager starts with small talk asking about our Christmas... and then lays it on me "Well I have good news!!"

This woman who I just met now sees me jumping up and down and screaming in her house like a wild monkey! It was amazing!
I tell our case worker that I am not far from home and my husband is there so I will call her right back .....I then scramble for my things and another one of Cristie's friends shows up and takes a few pictures for me and we are off to the house - only a few blocks away!!!!!

A friend of Matt's had stopped by to see him and so we left him to keep Tyler occupied while we took the phone call!
He is the most adorable little 9 month old and I can just tell he will fit in perfectly here! Him and Tyler will be so close!

We can't share his Ethiopian name which we are keeping as his middle name, but we will name him Micah! His initials will be M.T.W. just like his daddy's! :)
Family poured into our house to see our newest edition and later we got to go back to Cristie's so she could see our son.....God is amazing isn't he!?
Next we have to complete some referral paperwork which will take a few days...then we turn that in and our paperwork goes to Ethiopia. Then we wait to hear about a court hearing that will take place in Ethiopia and declare Micah officially ours....after that court date is when we wait to hear about the Embassy appointment where we get the clearance to leave the country with him and that is when we pick him up!!! Hopefully by March we will be holding him, but that may be pushing it!! I am praying we will get him before he turns one and Tyler turns two!!! April will be one big month of celebration!!!!
Now I am off to process this crazy, wonderful, amazing day!


  1. YAY!!! I have been clicking on your blog all afternoon, and I was just grinning through the whole post. I love the pictures, and what a GREAT story! I can't believe you and Cristie were so close and didn't even know it--and then to get your referrals on the same day--in the same house! Truly an awesome story. Congratulations! May the next part of the wait move swiftly and without delay! :)

  2. TEARS! TEARS! TEARS! I was doing JUST fine until you said he will have his daddy's initials and I'm blown away how the Lord was able to work that out (his first name beginning w/ a T to work as the middle and MATCH dad's initials!) God is so cool like that! Angie...can I just live vicariously through you until April?! Then maybe in May our referral will come;)! I am so, so, so, did I say sooooooo excited for your family and I can't wait to squeal with you and rejoice! NOW...we are just going to have to meet half way one day for a playdate! XOXO my friend! Rejoicing with you today!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD! And I just looooove that you and Cristie experienced this TOGETHER as I know you will experience travel, life and so many more things together with your boys! YAY! YAY! YAY! You couldn't have planned this or written it better yourself!

  3. I am soooooooooooooooo excited :) What an incredible story for your boys. How awesome that your boys are together right now!!! God is sooooo Good!!!

  4. so amazing that you and cristie live so close and are probably going to be traveling together and going through all the next steps of your kids lives together! GOD IS GOOD! praying for a quick court date for you both!

  5. What a FUN story of how God orchestrated your call day to be so special! Loved reading this! How wonderful that you have a family adopting so close..playmates at HH and Home! Congrats and happy paperwork"ing":-)
    AGCI India....waiting for Abby (who will be 1 on Friday)

  6. That is an amazing story!!! I am so happy for your family and the story that only God could put together.

  7. What a precious story !!! God is so good. We are so happy for you. We will have to check on your little ones when we travel. =)


  8. I had tears streaming down my face when I heard you got the call! What an answer to prayer! We are so excited for your family!

  9. So excited for you guys!!! Yay!! Hope to see your little man while we are in Addis!


  10. so happy for you!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!! it is amazing isnt it?

  11. Just found your blog and I am very excited for your family. Time will fly by know. We will keep you in our prayers. We brought our son Moses home this past September and HH is the best place for your baby while he waits for you.
    God bless!