Sunday, January 31, 2010

praying for news!

We are praying for news about a court date! We are longing to be in the next step! It is so crazy how you wait and wait for that referral call...only to wait some more!! It is blissful torture!
Even Tyler is praying...tonight as I was getting ready to put him to bed, his little head that was laying on my shoulder, popped up as I said "Let's say our prayers"...and he said "CICAH!" (which is how he says Micah) It's like he was reminding me to pray for him! :) Too sweet.
We are hoping to hear early this week that our court date is 2 weeks away or less! That seems crazy, but I know our God is bigger than any paperwork trail or international goverment court system! He knows we desire to hold our son and play with him and snuggle with him and hopefully laugh and smile with him! If our court date is in the next 2 weeks, we have a good chance at going to Ethiopia by early March, which is my hope!
My new BFF Cristie (you know #1) has her court date for their Evan on this Wed. night (our time) we are praying for them and hope the timing works out so get to meet our sweet boys on the same day since we learned about them on the same day!
I love knowing that my hope is in God...I can rely on Him and don't need to worry about all the many, little things that need to happen in order for our court date to be successful and travel to happen soon....He knows our desires and longs to be gracious to us! Thank you Lord! :D
We will post news as soon as we get it!!!


  1. Praying it will happen very soon.

  2. I hope you hear something soon!!!! Hang in there! This is a "hard" wait......last time around, from referral to travel, it was 5 months....that was really really really difficult!!!!! I can't wait to read that you have a court date and it's really soon!