Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We did not pass court again today...the same reason as last time, the MOWA letter did not make it. Other families with this same court date are having the same problem, I do not understand and we weren't given any answers as to why...it plain stinks and stinks bad!
Our new court date is in just a week though, the 15th, so I am asking for prayers all day everyday! Each day without him is a day too long!
On top of that bad news, the US embassy in Ethiopia are implementing more changes to how they will investigate every adoption case further after the court appointment, which could lead to another delay....pure devastation.
Micah turns 1 on the 16th of April and we wanted so bad to be holding him before then, plus Tyler is 2 on the 29th of April so we wanted to all be together for those events, but it just may not happen now....Oh I am so sad.
BUT I do KNOW that God acts only out of LOVE, He is LOVE so he can only act in LOVE, so while it doesn't feel like it now, He is loving us and He loves Micah and one day we will all be together. PLease pray for peace and strength for us as we continue on this bumpy road....and for this next court date to be a success
Third times a charm right!? RIGHT??!!!! RIGHT???!!!! :)


  1. I'm so sorry. I pray that everything is taken care of on the 15th and you get the news you have been waiting for.

  2. I'm praying for you right now. I feel so sad for you. But I also know that God is in complete control as you said. He IS love. I know that doesn't ease the pain, but hopefully helps with the frustration. On the positive side, I hear the State Dept. delays should not be really affecting us yet. Praying for the 15th!

  3. I am so sorry!!!! Those are some hard words to hear.....as a mom who is longing to hold her sweet boy. I will be praying! I am thankful that your new court date is just a week. Hang in there!

  4. Angie i'm so sorry :( this stinks... our friends had this happen back in november/december... they DID pass the 3rd time and i'm praying that you will too! i'm so glad they rescheduled quickly...

  5. Words can't express our sadness for you. Breaks my heart. We will of course pray for you!!!! For Micah & for a Quick travel date!!

  6. Praying for indescribable peace and the loving arms of our Father to hold you tightly in this trial!

  7. We are holding your family up in our prayers too - as well as the other 2 families in the same boat. Praying hard you all pass AND that these changes will not affect your adoption process. (And especially for your Mama's heart to hold up in the mean time!)