Saturday, March 6, 2010


Well I am asking any who read this to pray for our second court date, this Sunday night! We are longing for good news on Monday that Micah is officially ours!!
We wanted to get to travel for the March 22nd embassy appointment but it is very unlikely now, I am not limiting my God, just letting you know what we have been told by our agency. While you're praying, you coud pray that we bust any deadlines in paperwork and that all our documents are sent to where they need to be very quickly and we actually are holding our Micah on March 21st....I am living moment by moment in the peace that my God is bigger than any deadline, bigger than anything my heart throws at me, and that HE ULTIMATELY KNOWS EVERYTHING AND ACTS ONLY OUT OF HIS LOVE FOR US!
He loves Micah MORE than we do (though it seems impossible!) and wants him home with us as much as we do, I take rest in this!
Thank you for joining us in prayer as we fight any delays Satan throws our way to keep us from glorifying God through this adoption, a real life testimony to the adoption of US by our HEAVENLY FATHER!
To HIM be the GLORY!


  1. Yes, we are praying for FAVOR in the courtroom! You are so faithful to the Word and I know your light is burning bright for all the world to see that HE is the answer to all our concerns. We're ALMOST there!
    love you


  3. praying for you all! Hugs from ny