Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mini-Micah update

My sweet friend Cristie (who was #1 when we were #2 waiting for a referral, and ended up sharing the same referral day) is in Ethiopia right now and got to see our little Micah!
Here is the little bit of info we got today from her (she knows I will need a 5 page report when she returns) but this is wonderful for now!

"Micah was the first child we saw when we entered the gate! He was in Almaz arms. He played outside with all the toddlers with soccer balls. What a doll! Very affectionate, loves all the kids. He's tiny too! What an awesome day! What a special place! Can't wait to share EVERYTHING with you! xxoo"

Awesome huh!? Though we weren't able to travel together like we'd hoped to, God made CERTAIN that she met our little man and would be able to bless us with an update! :) How precious that he, out of so many children, was the ONE child that the director Almaz chose to pack around for a little while! :) God has smiled on us once again! I am so thankful for Cristie and now she will be able to prepare me VERY well for that wild/amazing week we have ahead of us!
Hopefully we will hear this week when we will be traveling!