Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Fall...for sure!

It's Fall! I have been slackin' on doing posts!
All of a sudden it was fall here in Kentucky and in between the rainy days there have been some awesome fall days....The day at the pumpkin patch was one of the rainy days, but we made the best of it! Earlier this week we had an awesome fall day and found pretty leaves so I decided to put our new wait list number on it! 5! FIVE! That seems so close....but so far away too!
There has already been one family who has passed court in Ethiopia now that they are re-opened! PRAISE GOD! So hopefully more will pass and bring their babies home...and make room for more babies...hopefully ours!!! :)
Over the past week or so I have been overwhelmed with how much God provides for us!
I read in 1 Peter how God's grace is made evident through! We may be the grace of God to someone today....and oh how people have been the grace of God to me lately. He really is capable of more than anything we think or imagine!!!!!
Also please be praying for 2 children we learned of from Hannah's Hope (the transition home ran by our agency) that are hospitilized for pneumonia. There mommies can't be with them now and I can't imagine how heart breaking that is! Plus you don't even get regular updates on them! Naomi and Baby Z are their names, thankfully these 2 litte girls are under the care of the Great Physician!

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  1. #5- that is great!!! I am sure they will be bringing your baby to HH soon!!! yeah. Thank you so much for your prayers for real updates we are just hanging in there.