Saturday, October 24, 2009

We just might be......

I am blown away at the thought of being #3!....10 spots ago we started this waitlist thing the first week of August....and at this rate, we just might know who our baby will be in the first week of November! I can't say for sure we are #3 but, I knew of the family at #1 getting their referral last week...but then we got our bi-weekly update from our agency in an email and it said there had been 2 boy that would put us at #3! I don't know any of the families ahead of us now so I am totally clueless for at least 2 weeks. We should get a phone call with our official number the first week of Novemeber, but at the least by Friday the 6th we will get another email update....or our big call could come... only God knows what will come first!

I am glad to be home tonight with our little boy who has croupe...he is coughing and acting pitiful. I thought I had to work but got called off! Yeah! Last night we didn't get much sleep so I need the rest tonight! We already had Tyler in a steamy bathroom so hopefully he will rest well.

Getting to be with my sick little boy makes me think and pray for an AGCI family who recently learned their baby boy (only a few weeks old and still in Ethiopia) is sick and in the hospital there with pneumonia...they just learned about him a few weeks ago and now just heard he is sick...I can't imagine how it must feel to not get to be with him knowing he is sick! We are praying for her and her little baby and I ask you to do the can check out their story at

well I better get some rest in case the croupe monster rears its ugly head again tonight!!

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  1. No fun to have sickness!!! WOW hopefully.....soon you will get your call :)