Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting ready....

Even Tyler is doing his part to get ready for his new "brudder".
He started to give the baby doll the bottle all on his own, it was sooo cute! I have slowly started cleaning up the extra room that will become Tyler's "big boy room" and am going through clothes and saving all the clothes that are too small for Tyler now....It's nice because I don't have to be sad that Tyler has outgrown so many clothes since we will get to use them...soon hopefully!
I am preparing myself to not get our referral until after the first group of families to travel get back home since the courts reopened, which they won't be back until the end of Novemeber. So by early December surely we will know who our new son will be! God knows how badly I long to see his face before Thanksgiving we will see! :D Untill then I am doing my best to stay busy...the house has been kept clean more lately then ever before! :)
I might not post much until the call just because not much is changing, but oh when the call comes....I will be posting like crazy!!


  1. I am so excited and I really hope that you get your wish and get the call before Thanksgiving!!!

    I keep waiting to see the update we've all been waiting for describing the call! I know it won't be much longer for you ;)

  2. Fingers crossed you get a call on Monday!!!