Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our adoption agency called today....

But it wasn't THE CALL!
That's Ok though, I know God's timing is perfect! So anyway she was calling to give us our monthly update and tell us our new number....
She (Christy) said we were officially (this is important to remeber) #4! In case you are wondering...I posted we were #3 a little over a week ago (unofficially). This is because when we were at #5, in the Bi-weekly email update they send out it showed there had been 2 boy referrals during those last 2 yes were really were #3 just UNOFFICIALLY.
The difference is that the families who have recieved a referral or have been matched with child, haven't yet sent in the contracts/fees/etc that make it an OFFICIAL acceptance (which is how they base the official waiting list numbers). Theres more....
Christy also said "families ahead of you are currently in the refferal process so that number will be changing very soon" ~ I don't remember if she said "all the families...a few of the families or some of the families" but I definitley heard familieS (PLURAL) so...(with the help of my smart sister-in-law) that means we should AT LEAST BE AT #2 unofficially ( if we're at #4 that if more than ONE family -like she said- is in the proccess or has received a referral then we're surely at #2) ...which means we could get our call any day now!
Am I over analyzing??? :) I can't help it! This is our SON I am talking about not just some number!!!!
OH yeah and at the end of the call she said, "I hope to be calling you again very soon!"
And I replied..."OK! We'll be ready!!!"


  1. Oh I hope you get the call SOOOOOON!!!! I can't wait and I am so excited for you!

  2. Oh my!!!! Oh my!!!!! Oh my!!!!! Oh my.....don't leave your phone for a minute!!! OR do leave or phone, because the minute you leave your phone AGCI will call with "THE CALL!" I will be stalking your blog now:)


  3. Hoping that you get the call soon. We are right there with you guys, except that Gladney doesn't give numbers, so we are usually just guessing.