Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can wait...

WHEW I have to get this out...
Last night I was convicted in the most precious way,
I was reading a blog post from another waiting family (Thanks Amy) and she had wrote about her child's birth mom, it was sweet and heart wrenching.
While I pray for our future son's birth mom several times a day and have cried when thinking of her many different times, I have not REALLY GENUINELY been thinking of her lately and what she may be feeling. I have been so caught up in waiting for the call about our son that I have simply just thought only of us and our excitement...when on the other side of the world she is experiencing pain and sorrow. We don't have to know specifics to know that she is in a horrible situation if she has to, out of the deepest love one can have, give her child over to another. I can not fully grasp this, but I am forever thankful that she carried him and loves him and is acting out of love for his behalf.
So right now she may be having her final days with him...I can see her nursing him and wishing things were different. (One sweet day there will be no more poverty, illness, orphans, or sin). She may be sick and with the only strength she has left, is holding him in her frail arms for small precious moments. I no longer am wishing the days away, praying for the phone to ring, but instead praying that our son's birth mom is getting the most precious time she can have with her son. God please comfort her and let her know and feel the love You have for her and her son and the love we have for her and her son.
Should you read this, please pray this with me.
Our call will come when it's suppose to, until then, I CAN WAIT!


  1. :) So hard to think about because it rips out your heart, but we really love the biological families of all of our children! They are a part of our hearts, our minds, and our prayers. What a gift- they are God's Children too. Praise God for them!

  2. What a GREAT thing to think about, thank you!

  3. It is crazy how intense my emotions are towards our baby's birthmother. While we will be rejoicing and celebrating for the rest of our lives she will be grieving and wondering about her baby.

    I just have this feeling that your referral is coming very very soon! I have been praying with you and for you :)

  4. Just wanted to send you another message. I really feel for you right now and I want you to know that I have been praying for you so much. Everyday I check your blog and the listserv looking for a message from you saying "we got the call"

    I have no idea why referrals have slowed down and I know everyday has to be a battle for you right now but I so hope and pray that you get the call really soon (maybe even tomorrow). I know the timing will be perfect and I pray that God grants you peace while you wait.

  5. Hi There! I saw your post on the list serve, and you mentioned that you are 3 hours away earlier than AGCI. We're in CT, and I'm wondering where on the east coast you might be.... hoping northern east coast! We brought our kiddos home 9 months ago....it's gone by sooooo fast. It certainly didn't feel that way at the time though. Hang in there!