Sunday, November 1, 2009

So behind!

Well I am so behind on "blogging" that I am not really sure where to start!

I guess we have just been busy doing the day to day thing and by the time bedtime rolls around...I am ready to collapse, not blog! But anyway alot has been going on....Tyler's been sick but is finally better, I wrecked my car on Monday on the way to his Dr was crazy and deserves a whole post by itself but I will just say that God was completely with us the whole time! I had to write everything down when I got home because over and over during that time frame there was just one thing after another where I was just like "wow God is right here with me"...we swerved really bad and I lost control on a busy road yet no other car was involved, the police were very nice, played with Tyler and even called to verify my insurance since the only paper I had was expired...we came inches away from a light pole, but instead took out a sign that collapsed when I hit it...a back window was blown out but not a speck of glass was anywhere near Tyler...moments after I got home both my brother and my cousin called to offer me their cars for as long as I needed it.......I know there is more but thats the highlights. God protected us completely and while Satan may be trying to discourage us through this, we won't let him. Actually God is turning it out for our good as always, someone is already interested in buying the wrecked thing (our insurance won't cover enough for us to fix it) and so we will have more money to put towards the adoption... here are some pictures of the damage :)

Besides that...I can not get this baby I have never met off of my mind! I kept thinking of Tyler's ultrasound pictures the other day and how exciting it was to get those first glimpses of him and how I can't wait to get our first glimpses of this baby ~growing not in my womb, but in my I tried to paint our newest son his own "ultrasound image".....

We are also getting ready for the big call...when we will actually get our first glimpse at this little boy God has hand-picked for us, so the video camera is sitting on the mini-tripod in the kitchen, just waiting to catch us on the phone when we get "the call"!!! This week we should recieve our "number call" but I am hoping that the number call will actually be the call about our little boy! I can't wait!!!

Here is some pictures of Tyler putting away change in the piggy bank we have for his little brother! I thought it was soo cute to see his little hands "feeding the piggy" so I had to get a picture of it! I was cheering every time he put change in...saying "yeah Brother!!" He loved it!

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