Wednesday, November 11, 2009


OK so we know we are now unofficially #2!!! This is so exciting but it's like that last month of pregnancy that goes by sooo slow! I am enjoying where we are right now but I just want to see our sweet boy's face! The call about him could come any day now, but there are alot of children at the transition home where he will be, due to court closures over there, so they aren't able to take in as many orphans as normal until more families are able to come and pick their children up to go to their forever home... which I just found out that there is a group of families going the 2nd to last week of November to bring their children home...SO definitely by the 1st week of December we should know who he is..............BUT I WANT THE CALL TO COME NOW!!!
Oh I am doing my best to be impatience isn't out of unbelief in God but out of pure anxious excitement! The whole world will know when the call about our boy comes!!
Please keep praying for his health and happiness and comfort as he experiences so many new things soon and for his birthmother as she faces somthing no one should have to face.
Until then....we'll be WAITING!


  1. I have been thinking about you a lot lately just waiting for an update saying you got the call :) I think it will be anyday now ;)

    That is cool that you found out you're unofficially #2 though! You are so darn close and I bet it is driving you crazy!

  2. Yeah....not too much longer....hey, let's bring some babes home - get more babes in....and more referrals and do it all over again! :) Less Orphans :)