Sunday, December 20, 2009

little update...

Ok...I haven't posted in a while but there hasn't been much time with Christmas coming up sooo fast...which I am still not done shopping!!! But I wanted to give a little adoption update for those of you who check in from time to time to see whats going on....
I THOUGHT since the week of Thanksgiving that we were at #1 (unofficially that is) see our agency sends out updates every 2 weeks that tells how many referrals were made...and I have been stalking those very closely and we should be at #1...but apparently one of the referrals must have fallen through or somthing. This whole time I have only connected with families either way ahead of us in the process or behind us in the process...never knowing anyone who was with-in 1-2 spots of us on the list...until tonight!!
The family who really is #1 ( making us FOR SURE #2) joined our agency's yahoo group and shared how she is also waiting at #1 and waiting for her little boy referral....Well I was bummed for all of 5 seconds because.....they live in our city!!!!!!! This whole time I have not known but ONE family who was even in our state and now I "cyber-meet" the family who is 1 spot ahead of us and they live near us....God is amazing! It is exciting to meet people close to you on the list because more than likely you will be traveling together and meeting your children at the same time and all that. But we not only will be doing that....but also have the oppertunity to let our boys stay connected!!! They may be in the same crib right now while half way around the world, their mama's are in the same city!!! Can you belive that!? I am pumped! :D
So while it is now extreamly likely that our call won't come until after Christmas or even the new year...I am OK with it because I feel like I can relax more. What amazing proof that God is weaving all this together....he knows our son, knows when we will know him, and when we will bring him home!
So I am going to enjoy this time basking in the all-surpassing knowledge of our God and when the call comes....well the call comes....and the whole world will know about it!!! :)
Sorry to have gotten anyone's hopes up since me thinking we were #1 may have made other families think they were a spot higher than they were....but I know I had it right according to information given to us, I just was out of the loop somewhere! Either way, referrals will be coming soon I know it...and in the perfect time for all those precious children and their waiting forever families!!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Praying you hear news of your sweet boy before Christmas!!! Can't wait to see your "we got the call" post!


  2. WOW! that is crazy, but sooo awesome! Praying for more referrals soon!!!!! I know they will come now that others are coming home. So hard waiting- praying for you :)

  3. that's super exciting to live in the same city!! love how God is letting you relax in that and in him for a while until you get The Call!! Just love how God is in every detail!!