Monday, December 7, 2009

My sweet Ty

So I am really getting into the Christmas spirit now! The past couple of years I haven't felt that special spark you feel at this time of year...but this year I am and I love it! Tyler is at the most precious age and he is so curious and it will be so fun to see him with gifts and santa and all that good stuff! My aunt got him this adorable outfit so we started posing for pictures early! :)
I have felt guilty about being so consumed with hearing news about our future son that I felt like I was missing what is right in front of me!...this wonderful cutie!!! I love him so much and he will be my only child for just a little while while I am aching to see our new son and start the process to getting him home with us...I will cherish Tyler more and enjoy the individual attention I am able to give him!

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  1. Angie,
    What a sweet post! You are right...soak up this time with your little guy as an only child. What a special time for him and his mommy:) BUT soon you will have two sweet baby boys to love on! Please know, I know just how you are feeling! The first time we adopted I was aching to see my baby's face and then to hold her. My arms were full with my two birth-children, yet they felt a little empty without my sweet Ethiopian princess. It is so difficult!! I will be praying for you. Snuggle with Tyler as much as you can!! What a precious son you have!