Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh this wait....

is really starting to get to me! Each day is a rollar coaster minute I'm fine, "Yes God, we will wait, You are in control"....the next minute...."Please let it be today God!!" I am in constant surrender....which I am sure is right where God wants me :) I have always been "a control freak" as my sweet husband would say :) And now here I am thrusted in to one of the most UN-controlable happenings one could go through in life! God is funny like that!
I want to post this link for all the waiting families
This family just adopted a little girl, they are artists who are now on a show on CMT about their life as they struggle to make is big and raise their family too. They wrote this song 'Mine all Mine' once you go to the link, on the right hand side, half way down you will see the song so you can hear is wonderful!
We are heading to the big town of Gaitlinburg TN today! This is the 3rd year now my husband's Dad's side of the family (very large) all get together in a big 12 room cabin for the weekend and celebrate Christmas the whole time! There's lots of stuff to do in the cabin itself but it is just nice to have a place we can all fit and be together in one place, so it will be a good distraction.
I must say I would LOVE for our agency to call before the day is up!! Friday is there paperwork they won't be returning phone calls or emails, and I have heard families getting calls on I hope it's today and we can have another thing to celebrate this weekend!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I hate this waiting. You have been waiting way to long at the top of the list. I'm near the back and it is driving me crazy so I can't imagine how you can handle it ;)

    Still hoping today is your day!!!