Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am getting SOOO excited!!!! More referrals (more families were matched up with children) were made this week!!! We are for sure #7 now...but the there has also been the hint that maybe the new unknown #1 family has recieved their referral too.....we could even be #6!!! AHHH! I will stick with 7 for now though! WHOA!!!!
AHHH I just can't wait to see the baby God has for us!!
Matt, Ty and me were wrestling/snuggling on the couch tonight and I said "oh I can't wait until we add our 2nd boy to this pile!!!" It may be sooner than later!!! I just hope the courts in Ethiopia re-open and get back in buisness before things slow WAY far so good!
let me say it again............

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  1. This number "game" is crazy isn't it:) Well, I thought I would let you know we got "THE CALL" when we were officially number 4 on the list:) It could happen ANY day!!! I think we are 14 or 15 now??? I will know more once we get the bi-weekly update this week. Just think our babies could be born already!! We need to be praying for them and their families!! The week we got put on the wait list (last time) is the same week our baby was born.