Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh my...

So we might be # 6 now! My head is spinning :)
I am off to work Joy will sustain me through the long 12 hour shift!
"They Joy of the Lord is my STRENGTH"


  1. are making your way to the top...I remember those days well :) kristi

  2. no news on our number, but i know that our referral will come Very Very soon! i am preparing on next week! regardless our case manager will probably call at the end of next week to give us our updated numbers. if the week ends with no referral i will probably be disapointed, but it will come soon! just thinking alot about our baby boy at HH. I am thinking that he is already there. have a great weekend!

  3. oh its ok. i am a bit stalkerish myself :) with the Ethiopia update today it says that there were two baby boy referrals last week...i am guessing that it puts us for sure at #1. my phone is now always right in front of me waiting for THE CALL. stalk me as much as you would like :) you can always email me