Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My little man is 17 months today!

SO! My little man is 17 months old! I can't believe it, I remember when he made a big deal over every WEEK..."he is 2 weeks old today!" Ahh the time goes by SO fast! He has turned
into quite a little show off :)
He is absolutely so fun these days!
Here he is enjoying some playful snuggle time with his
"older woman" sweet Ms. Kyla!
They have really come to be good friends and it
is sooo cute to watch them play and interact
together now! I love it!

He is even.....
practicing his "sharing" though it is with our huskie :) They enjoyed Cherrios Saturday morning while watching animal planet! haha!

Now I have him playing with a rubber duckie "family of 4" in the bathtub! He lines them so neatly and sweet and then one by one knocks them off! :D

Did I mention he has become a show off! He LOVES making his "Da-da" lift up for a dunk on our
little goal in Matt's UK room (soon to be Tyler's big boy room.) Matt would lift him up and Tyler would turn all the way around to make sure I was looking at him with my camera ready...nice pose huh!? :D

Well I hope you have enjoyed the many faces and moments of my sweet little man...he is growing up sooo fast, I can't savor enough of each sweet moment when he lays his head on my chest or calls out "mama" first thing in the morning....the love a parent has for their child is so amazing, yet it is a small comparison to the love God has for us! How grateful I am to raise and love this little boy, in hopes of showing him that he too is a beloved child of God.
My heart explodes with love for Tyler and I can not imagine how I will feel when I have TWO sweet boys! I can't wait and am so excited for Tyler to have a brother to grow up with and share so much with....oh yeah it looks like we really are #6 :)


  1. Yeah- those pics are sooo cute! Can't wait either....won't be too long now....and you will have 2 cutie boys :)