Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crafts for Cash....well kinda :)

I really just thought "Crafts for Cash" sounded catchy :) We will accept any form of money, not just cash! :)
Seriously though, our time on the wait list has really been moving along and so I have been overwhelming my brain with ideas for raising more money since it appears we will be needing it sooner rather than later! We are waiting to hear back about grant money, but we will still need to raise alot of money on our own even if we are awarded grants. So I have put my energy into making crafts that are inspired by adoption and will hopefully be somthing that others, including those not directly involved in adoption would like....I posted a slide show of most of the things but here is a description
1. T-shirts $20.00 ~I have discovered Iron-on! There are 5 designs I am sticking with to keep from going over board
a - worth the wait ~ very cute on a onesie (see picture in slideshow)
b- the shape of africa inside a heart (see picture of logo in slideshow)
c- the Ethiopian flag -rustic looking (see picture of logo in slideshow)
d- shape of Africa solid black with the words "adoption rocks" and heart over Ethiopia in pink (sorry no picture, I will add one soon, but trust me it is very cute)
e- red heart shape with Ethiopia on the inside of it in white letters (picture also coming soon)

2. Piggy Banks $7.00 ~ I loved decorating the piggy banks and thought it'd be a great thing for couples to purchase not just for themselves but for them to give out to other family members

3. Africa shape fabric shirts $20.00~ These vary some and depend on availability of the shirts I have, but my cousin Brittany was so kind to model for me (see slide show) So I can do a large Africa shape in the center or a smaller one to the side like seen in the picture of me (in the pink).
I can also add a heart over the country of your choice

4. Onesies $7.00 ~ They are the same as the shirts - you can choose from either one of the logo's I mentioned like "Worth the Wait" or I can put the Africa shape on the onesie too! Very cute - I hope to add a picture of my son modeling one of the Africa fabric shaped onesies you see in the pictures

5. Ornaments $5.00 ~ I love these! The phrases so far...
-Our Heart's in Ethiopia
-Waiting with Love (along with Africa shape and heart over Ethiopia)
-Forever Family and your family's name

* I hope somthing appeals to you! All the prices include shipping!
Email me ~ or Facebook me if you are interested in anything or have any questions!

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  1. Hmmm...can't find the slide show?? I am confused. I would love to see your products.