Friday, September 18, 2009

Crafts for Cash continued...and more

So I have discovered that the slideshow I made of pictures of the crafts I have been working on to raise money for our adoption wasn't working all the time. I think something was wrong with the website where I made it...SO I posted pictures of them all in the side bar. See my previous post "Crafts for Cash...well kinda :) " for the prices. I also added the paypal button to help make paying for the items easier and just in case some one feels led to donate to our adoption!
God is really motivating me to step out in faith and try to raise money and see what He can do!
I read in a book the other day that had adoption advice and someone wrote some words of advice that where so big to me.....
"God is not bound by geography, timelines, politics or finances ~ God hasn't asked you to walk this path alone. Not only will He remain with you each step of the way, He has prepared many warriors to go into battle with you. You'll be amazed at who He uses to meet your needs"
I read this at the perfect moment when I needed to be reminded of this the most, His grace is enough!

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